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Craig – Baseball – Tommy John Surgery

I injured my elbow pitching from over use of my arm. I had a lot of pain and swelling in… Read more “Craig – Baseball – Tommy John Surgery”

Teddy – Baseball – Elbow Arthroscopy, OCD Lesion

Ever since you performed the surgery on my elbow in August, I have been able to make a full return… Read more “Teddy – Baseball – Elbow Arthroscopy, OCD Lesion”

Jillian – Gymnastics – Elbow Arthroscopy

I am a gymnast and almost three years ago my elbow locked and I couldn’t straighten it all the way.… Read more “Jillian – Gymnastics – Elbow Arthroscopy”

Alexandra – Softball – Elbow Arthroscopy

I’ve enjoyed playing sports my whole life. I have always dedicated most of my time to swimming and softball. I… Read more “Alexandra – Softball – Elbow Arthroscopy”

Michael – Baseball – MCL Sprain – PRP Treatment Therapy

I began to experience elbow pain in early July 2009 and was initially diagnosed (misdiagnosed) with triceps tendonitis by a… Read more “Michael – Baseball – MCL Sprain – PRP Treatment Therapy”

Pedro – Break Dancing – Elbow Arthroscopy

After break dancing rigorously for years, my elbow began to change but for the worse. I was doing six to… Read more “Pedro – Break Dancing – Elbow Arthroscopy”

Andrew – Elbow

Andrew Kantzian

Joe Zaccaro – NYPD Baseball – Tommy John Surgery

Joe Zaccaro is a pitcher for the NYPD. He had Tommy John surgery in college and then needed Dr. Ahmad’s expertise for his 2nd surgery when he re-tore his ligament recently.

Matt Boyko – Baseball Pitcher – Tommy John Surgery

Matt back on the mound after TJ surgery with Dr. Ahmad!

Matt Boyko
Tommy John Surgery

Christian Lucadamo, UCL Sprain, Baseball

 Christian Lucadamo – 15-year old baseball player from Monroe HS. He had three PRP injections for a right elbow… Read more “Christian Lucadamo, UCL Sprain, Baseball”


Robin – Shoulder Replacement

On a beautiful Friday, October afternoon, my husband and I decided to take a half day off from work and… Read more “Robin – Shoulder Replacement”

Kenneth – Football – SLAP Repair

My name is Kenny and I am 19 years old. I have been playing football since I was 8 and… Read more “Kenneth – Football – SLAP Repair”

Brian – Lacrosse – AC Separation Reconstruction

Sports have always been a big part of my life. Two years ago, at age fourteen, my shoulder was severely… Read more “Brian – Lacrosse – AC Separation Reconstruction”

Joe – Weightlifting – Distal Bicep Repair

My name is Joseph Early and on December 18, 2015 I had my right distal biceps tendon repaired as a… Read more “Joe – Weightlifting – Distal Bicep Repair”

Dante – Lacrosse – Shoulder Labral Repair

Dante Esposito is a lacrosse player at Yorktown High School. He had a right shoulder labral repair with Dr. Ahmad… Read more “Dante – Lacrosse – Shoulder Labral Repair”

Joe Bellantuono – Football – Labral Repair

Joe Bellantuono is a former football player that had both of his shoulders operated on by Dr. Ahmad. He’s undergone 2 labral repairs.

Joe Bellantuono

Justin Hodgson – Shoulder Bursectomy – Feeling Great!

Justin Hodgson had two prior shoulder surgeries with another physician that failed to relieve his pain.

Justin Hodgson

Giorgina Brunini – Traumatic Fall – Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Giorgina Brunini, 1 year status post reverse total shoulder replacement, needed after sustaining a massive rotator cuff tear from a traumatic fall!

Santos Gonzalez – Basketball – Broken Left Clavicle

Santos is back on the basketball court after surgery w/ Dr. Ahmad

Santos Gonzalez

Hugh Abernethy – Tennis – Rotator Cuff Repair

Avid tennis player Hugh is back on the courts after double rotator cuff surgery w/Dr. Ahmad

Hugh Abernethy


Alex – Soccer – Knee Microfracture

Alex - Knee Micro Fracture Patient

When I was 13 years old and playing for Match Fit Academy at the FC Delco Players Cup Soccer Tournament,… Read more “Alex – Soccer – Knee Microfracture”

Christopher – Basketball – Meniscal Repair

Christopher - Meniscal Repair, Knee Surgery Patient

My story begins on the soccer field. I had decided to try out for goalkeeper in my junior year. It… Read more “Christopher – Basketball – Meniscal Repair”

Mackenzie – Hockey – ACL Reconstruction

Mackenzie - ACL Reconstruction, ACL Injury Patient

When I tore my ACL I wasn’t sure if I could return to playing my favorite sports at the same… Read more “Mackenzie – Hockey – ACL Reconstruction”

Samantha – Soccer – ACL Reconstruction

Samantha - ACL Reconstruction, ACL Injury Patient

Like many young female athletes, Samantha is a force. Samantha can traverse a soccer field in record time, outmaneuvering her… Read more “Samantha – Soccer – ACL Reconstruction”

Vicki – Basketball – Patellar Stabilization

Vicki Zucker was a 13-year-old female, extremely competitive in basketball, when she came to see Dr. Ahmad. She played on… Read more “Vicki – Basketball – Patellar Stabilization”