Austin – Football – Removal of Clavicle Fracture Fragment

Austin – Football – Removal of Clavicle Fracture Fragment

My son, Austin James, injured his right shoulder in a snowboarding accident on February 12, 2010. He was seen and evaluated at Robert Wood Johnson emergency room. We were told that he had a slight AC joint separation. He was given pain medication and his arm was put into a sling. Austin was discharged that same day and we were told to follow-up with an Orthopedic on Monday.

Austin was seen by an Orthopedic physician who took more x-rays. He confirmed that the AC joint was slightly separated and had some inflammation. Austin was to continue to wear the sling for three more weeks. After three weeks, the doctor told Austin to slowly ease into physical activities. He started to work out for his Freshman Football season to try out for the starting quarterback position. Austin has been playing Pop Warner football since he was five and has been working on his quarterback skills to compete for the quarterback position for his high school team. As Austin tried to prepare for the upcoming season , he had persistent pain in his shoulder. Austin returned to the Orthopedic physician who told us it seemed a little worse than he thought and suggested physical therapy. Austin started his physical therapy with John Basti in April of 2010. After a few weeks of physical therapy, Austin was not feeling much better and John suggested another evaluation by another orthopedist. I asked him for a recommendation and he gave me Dr. Ahmad.

Dr. Christopher S. Ahmad reviewed the previous X-Rays and he was immediately concerned about a possible fracture in Austin’s right shoulder. Dr. Ahmad was extremely considerate of the fact that Austin was a young athlete and how he wanted to return to his quarterback activities as soon as possible. Dr. Ahmad ordered a CAT scan and an MRI for that same day. He called me with the results to inform me that indeed it was fractured and Austin needed surgery to remove the floating bone on clavicleDr. Ahmad and his entire office staff were so helpful with all of the information needed to schedule his surgery. Dr. Ahmad performed Austin’s surgery on May 12, 2010 at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital (NY Presbyterian.) The surgery was successful and through Dr Ahmad’s follow up care and physical therapy with John Basti, Austin was able to join his team and play quarterback his Freshman year.

Dr. Ahmad’s skill and understanding of a young athletes dreams and long term goals makes him an extraordinary doctor.