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New York Boulders Team Physician

Dr. Ahmad is Lead Team Doctor for The New York Boulders, an American independent professional baseball team based in Pomona, New York in Rockland County. The New York Boulders are members of the Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball, also known as the Can-Am League.


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Why are the New York Boulders So Special?

The Boulders play amazing and exciting baseball in the beautiful Palisades Credit Union Park. The “Boulders” got their name from Rockland County’s boulder-filled landscape. The team’s primary color, blue, alludes to the former Brooklyn Dodgers, which held their spring training events at Bear Mountain State Park during the 1940s.

How much do you enjoy providing care for the New York Boulders?

It is a thrill providing care for a team that is so dedicated to its fans while playing to win every game. In 2014, the Boulders won the championship and it was great to be a part of it. The Boulders not only have amazing players, but also amazing front office staff, training staff, and coaches to work with.

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