Bony Bankart Shoulder Instability


What is a Bankart Lesion?

  • Bankart lesion is an injury of the anterior (inferior) glenoid labrum of the shoulder that results from a shoulder dislocation. The Bankart lesion is the most common injury associated with shoulder dislocation.
  • The labrum of the shoulder makes the shoulder socket deeper and is also the attachment site for the shoulder ligaments.
  • The Bankart lesion is named after English orthopedic surgeon Arthur Sydney Blundell Bankart(1879–1951).
What is a Bony Bankart Lesion?
  • bony Bankart is a Bankart lesion that includes a fracture in of the anterior-inferior glenoid socket.
  • Bony Bankart lesions can occur when the force is greater or the dislocation force is directed at the edge of the socket.
How is a Bony Bankart Lesion diagnosed?
  • Ahmad and his team makes the diagnosis using physical examination and imaging with MRI and sometimes CT scans.
How is a Bony Bankart Lesion Treated?
  • Ahmad prefers arthroscopic repair of Bony Bankart injuries because of high success rates and less complications with open surgery.
  • Smaller thin pieces are easily repaired using double row suture techniques
  • Larger fractures can be fixed using screws.

Watch Dr. Ahmad Perform a Double Row Labral Repair in a Professional Baseball Player

Watch Dr. Ahmad’s Bony Bankart Surgical Technique

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