Vincent Cimini – UCL Repair w/ Internal Brace

My UCL tear happened after only the first weekend of the 2022 season. As devastated as I was, I was excited to meet Dr. Ahmad and discuss the options I had going forward. We ultimately decided on the internal brace repair and I was back on the field throwing by mid-summer.

Where other surgeons balked at the idea of the UCL repair with internal brace surgery for my specific injury, Dr. Ahmad thought I would be the perfect candidate for the repair rather than reconstruction. It was important to me to be back on the field as soon as possible within reason, and Dr. Ahmad honored that request. The recovery process, however, was just as much of a mental battle as it was a physical. Watching my teammates on the field while I was sitting in the dugout was difficult, but I had confidence that my surgery would ensure many years of baseball in the future.

So far, my elbow health has been great, but it has been important for me to put a greater emphasis on warming up and recovery, which I was not as focused on in the past. Dr. Ahmad’s staff (Team Ahmad) has been very helpful with any and all questions I have had regarding everything from throwing programs to soreness.

I would like to thank Dr. Ahmad as well as Frank and Fiona for deciding on the best possible surgery for my injury and getting me back on the diamond as soon as possible!