Warren Miller – Ulnar Nerve Transposition

Dear Dr. Ahmad,

Our son Warren began having elbow pain when pitching when he was 13. Being so young, the advice we received was to have him continue to build strength and be sure to stretch before and after throwing.

Fast forward to his freshman year in high school where he was fortunate enough to have a successful season on varsity and get handed the ball often on the mound. He now tells us he often played through the pain.

Prior to his sophomore year, he had continued to grow fast and get stronger. However, the pain gradually got worse whenever he pitched. This is when we decided to limit his pitching, and get him seen by medical professionals…

He went through various PT and strengthening programs, but nothing seemed to sustainably relieve the pain, especially enough for him to return to the mound. At this point, he began feeling deflated, ready to resign himself to a position player only.

Then, in December 2022, now 16 years old, we were lucky enough to have a PT session in Florida with someone who had not seen Warren before, but who specializes in ball players. He immediately realized the issue was likely his ulnar nerve, and recommended we confirm through our doctors back home.

The following three weeks were a whirlwind of appointments, consultations, and finally confirmation. Our first virtual appointment with Dr. Ahmad’s office was officially scheduled. Diagnosis was quick. Warren would be having Ulnar Nerve Transposition surgery the following week at New York Presbyterian.

Any anxieties Warren and we had were quickly erased when we met Frank Alexander, and shortly after Dr. Ahmad in person on January 23, 2023. Frank laid out in detail all the steps that would take place the next morning leading up to the procedure, the procedure itself, and then what would follow. The easy presence that Dr. Ahmad carried into the room put us all at ease, most importantly, Warren. Dr. Ahmad’s kindness and compassion towards Warren helped create a comfortable and welcoming environment, making it feel less like a medical appointment and more like a visit with a friend or family.

From this point on, Warren was more excited than nervous to get it done.

Following the procedure, we called multiple times with questions, and Dr. Ahmad’s team was always readily available to answer our questions and once again settle any concerns we had.

The follow ups and straight forward PT instruction leading up to the return to hitting and return to mound programs could not have been easier to follow.

The procedure was on January 24th and the first inning Warren threw in a game was April 21st (88 days).

While he still has some work ahead to return to the workload he hopes to get to, he has no elbow pain whatsoever and is eager to keep building up his pitch counts.

Thank you, Dr. Ahmad and Team Ahmad for everything! Warren felt like a guest, not a patient!