Gialdri Gomez – ACL Reconstruction

Heading into my freshman year of college baseball, I tore my ACL. This news was heartbreaking but every step of the way, Dr. Ahmad and his team always kept me in good spirits. I was able to make a full recovery from my surgery in about 9 months which is really good considering my patellar tendon procedure…

Over the following months of my rehab, Dr. Ahmad was there for me anytime I had a question or concern. I knew that my injury was serious but once I gave my trust to Dr. Ahmad and his team, my spirits stayed high as I saw the progress that I continued to make and how it was highlighted by those taking care of me.

Overall, these nine months were very difficult and I knew they were going to be, but I kept pushing to get back to where I should have been this year. I made some great improvements and I’m ready to get back on the field now.

Thanks to Dr. Ahmad and Team Ahmad, I am fully cleared and back to playing the sport I love!