Teddy – Baseball – Elbow Arthroscopy, OCD Lesion

Teddy – Baseball – Elbow Arthroscopy, OCD Lesion

Ever since you performed the surgery on my elbow in August, I have been able to make a full return to baseball and football. Baseball has been great and now I am preparing for a very full summer season. This summer I play 85 games in 6 different states. If I had been in this situation last year, the way my felt before the season I would have to say it is almost impossible for me to make it through the season without injury.

Now, however, my arm feels incredible and I am able to play on the level I want to without feeling any pain. My arm did not lose any of its strength; it actually gained around 8 mph on my fastball. I throw in the range from 80-83 mph and it keeps going up as I continue to keep working my arm out. The pain is no longer there at all. I would dare say it was a miracle, but obviously it can be explained by the excellent work of you and your colleague performed. Again, I thank you ever so much for what you did because I am getting plenty of looks from colleges and it is because of you fixing my arm so I could play again.


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