Sue Ippoliti – Shoulder Labral Repair

My name is Sue Ippoliti, I’m 66 years old and have been a professional hunter/jumper horse trainer and horseback riding instructor since my early 20’s. I started riding when I was 7 years old. Riding is my passion. My husband and I have owned a horse farm for 30 years. I have a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which affects my whole body, especially my joints.

After a previous neck surgery elsewhere, I had instability of my left shoulder for eight months. I went to several local doctors in the area, and they all told me to rest and it would be fine. My condition did not improve. On one of my appointments with my PT she told me to stop therapy completely because of the instability. My shoulder was so painful, I couldn’t sleep on my left side, which is how I always sleep. With EDS that’s the only comfortable position for me.

I normally have a really positive attitude, but I found myself struggling. I was desperate for help so that I could function. So in the end I was left with one choice; to find a better doctor! At my first appointment with Dr. Ahmad he recommended conservative treatment, a cortisone shot. It felt better for a few weeks, I restarted PT, and then my original symptoms resurfaced. I sought out Dr. Ahmad’s expertise again and after further examination he recommended surgery as the best course of action.

When Dr. Ahmad came in to see me before surgery he put me at ease immediately. Over the years I’ve learned with EDS you need a competent and qualified surgeon who actually listens to his patients to get a lasting result. Between Dr. Ahmad and his surgical team I was amazed by everyone’s skillful and caring treatment through the whole surgical process. The entire staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. From the moment Dr. Ahmad walked in to see me, he had a quiet confidence that right away I knew I was in good hands. All through the process it became apparent how readily available his team would be for me.

Thanks to me making the correct choice in surgeons and surgical teams my left arm is my dominant arm again, I am able to get sufficient sleep, I’m back in the gym, and most importantly I am back in the saddle where I belong. Looking back on the whole experience I was impressed by the entire team. I am forever grateful to Dr. Ahmad for giving me my life back. I told him I would not let EDS stop me from functioning and he helped me keep that promise to myself.