Christopher – Basketball – Meniscal Repair

Christopher – Basketball – Meniscal Repair

My story begins on the soccer field. I had decided to try out for goalkeeper in my junior year. It was the first practice of the season, and about twenty minutes into a drill, I twisted my knee. I knew I had done something serious because I couldn’t straighten it. I learned the next day that I had torn my lateral meniscus, and that I would need surgery. Dr. Ahmad was the best choice for me because of a few reasons. First, my father knew him very well, and spoke highly of him as a person and as a doctor. Second, Dr. Ahmad was doing a meniscal repair that was a little different because it included using PRP injection with the repair. Third, I really liked him when we met and talked about my problem. He didn’t just talk to me like I was just another patient. He showed me what had happened and tried to the best of his ability to explain to me how the surgery would go. He was my choice.

My surgery went well, and I worked hard in physical therapy to reach my full potential. I returned to my basketball season in late January, and had no problems. I continued to work at strengthening, and went on to have a solid track season, coming in fourth in the county in high jump at the Bergen Meet of Champions. I am now planning to play basketball at Middlebury College next year. My knee feels great and I attribute a big part of my success to Dr. Ahmad. I would recommend him to anyone with a sports injury.


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