Matt – Performing Artist – SLAP/Rotator Cuff Tear

Matt – Performing Artist – SLAP/Rotator Cuff Tear

Dr. Ahmad is a Rock Star.

In my line of work, I escape from strait-jackets. I lift dancers in the air. I swing from a trapeze. I juggle flaming objects. I fall to the ground. On purpose. Several times. My livelihood as a full time actor, and performing artist depends on maintaining my strength, total function, and flexibility. 5 years ago, that livelihood was threatened by a shoulder injury.

I was having significant shoulder issues—it was hard to pinpoint a precise cause, but do to the physical nature of my occupation, it was a safe bet that I was accumulating various injuries in my left shoulder. Dr. Ahmad was the first professional who assessed my physical needs AND my occupational concerns. He understood that in the treatment of my shoulder, time off from work was also time off from looking for work—a potentially catastrophic cycle. When you’re a free-lance performing artist, this can have devastating consequences on your income, and your career, present and future. Not to mention, there’s always the fear that after surgery you won’t be able to return to your pre-injury activities.

Dr. Ahmad understood that my job demands were unique, and that my injuries needed to be addressed in a manner that would lead to complete resolution. His experience treating people who depend on their bodies for their livelihood (ever heard of the Yankees?) made him a perfect choice for me, but not just because of the ‘rock star athletes’ he handles. You know what? He treats everyone like a rock star.

From the outset, surgery was an option, but Dr. Ahmad understood that it wasn’t something I could enter into lightly. First, he was very clear that we would pursue a non-surgical approach. If that didn’t work out, we could discuss our other avenues. I rehabbed for the next year, and then left town to perform in an international pop music tour. Things weren’t improving, and my shoulder was seriously hampering my performance. It was clear that the benefits would substantially outweigh my time away from work, so we came up with a plan.

Dr. Ahmad’s confidence, care, and skill were evident from our first meeting. He assured me going into this that not only would we be able to resolve the issues impacting my performance, but he was certain I would come out the other side strong enough to play full contact football (and I don’t even know how to play!).

It’s been a little over a year since he worked on my shoulder, and every day I think to myself ‘Man, I’m glad I got that fixed!’ Not only am I doing everything I was before, but now I can sleep on my shoulder, and I don’t wake up with a ‘dead arm’, or feel like my shoulder is full of broken glass. Everyday I wake up pain free, with full strength, and restored stability, and have Dr. Ahmad team to thank.

Dr. Ahmad is an incredible surgeon, a sensitive human being and I am thrilled he’s on my team (and I brag about him to all of my friends).