Jonathan Juri – Tommy John Surgery

Jonathan Juri – Tommy John Surgery


Johnny’s First Throws After TJ Surgery

In my junior year at Emerson High School, we won the State Championship in Group 1 baseball.  A few weeks later I was taking warmups at 3rd base before a summer game, and I felt a sharp pain that shot down my forearm. I immediately knew something was wrong, as I couldn’t throw and my arm was very weak.  I went to a local physical therapist who recommended Dr. Ahmad, as he suspected that I had torn my UCL.


After evaluation and discussion with Dr. Ahmad, he asked me what my plans & goals were for the future. I told him I wanted to be back for my senior year of baseball, and then go on to play in college. Together we decided the best way to move forward with these goals in mind, was to do Tommy John Surgery. The surgery was performed in July of that summer, as I was entering senior year. Dr. Ahmad was incredibly supportive and very caring, helping me every step of the way post-surgery. I was able to dedicate myself to the rehab process and gradually regained my strength and confidence. That following year I was able to play a full season of high school baseball, coming back to play a full season just 8 months after the surgery. Infact, I was able to earn All-County, and All-North Jersey honors as a center fielder that year! (
I am very grateful for Dr Ahmad’s excellent care, as I wouldn’t have been able to come back so fast or be able to compete at such a high level without his skill and guidance.