Robin – Shoulder Replacement

Robin – Shoulder Replacement

On a beautiful Friday, October afternoon, my husband and I decided to take a half day off from work and take our motorcycles out for an afternoon ride and catch an early dinner to celebrate his birthday. We went to a local beach and he took sunset pictures, while I did figure “8’s” waiting for him. As we left the beach parking lot and went through some “S” turns, I hit a very large, thick patch of sand and lost control of the motorcycle and crashed. I went over the handlebars and landed on my right arm and broke my humerus. The trauma was so severe it shredded my deltoid muscle and caused severe nerve damage. I lost the use of my arm and hand for many months, while the type of fracture went misdiagnosed.

After many, many months, failed surgeries, and 9 other Orthopedic physicians explaining the trauma I incurred was too severe for them to treat my injury, we were recommended to Dr. Melvin Rossenwasser and Dr. Christopher Ahmad at Columbia. At that point, my LIFE WAS SAVED! After my final surgery, a shoulder replacement, I have regained the use of my arm and hand almost completely, better than anyone ever expected. I had to learn do everything left-handed, including dressing, eating, writing, and all everyday functions, a task much harder then you may think for a 40 plus aged woman. Dr. Ahmad never gave up on me or my frustration through the long months of physical therapy and agonizing pain. I owe Dr. Ahmad my life and my recovery we would never consider any other orthopedic surgeon.


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