Craig Marsden – Tommy John Surgery

In November 2008 I hurt my elbow and saw Dr Ahmad for a second opinion, which ended up being the best decision I ever made! I was nervous at the time because I had never had surgery up until that point in my life but at the same time I really couldn’t see myself not ever playing baseball again. Dr Ahmad’s extremely calm and confident nature was very reassuring and made me feel positive about going ahead with Tommy John Surgery. In January 2009 I had the surgery and Dr. Ahmad told me it was a huge success. He wasn’t wrong…

My recovery was very good right off the bat and was way ahead of schedule. I followed the program and the rehab protocols and I was back throwing in August of 2009. I would pitch 3-5 innings at a time and only throw the fastball or a change up. Having Tommy John Surgery with Dr. Ahmad gave me new life and it was ultimately a fresh and exciting new chapter in my baseball career.

I continued to follow my workout program that winter to be ready to go into the 2010 season. During 2010 I had a really great year and a terrific season overall. The results from my surgery were great and my arm felt fantastic. I won the Cy Young award in 2010 and 2011, back to back.

I have always had a rubber arm but for some reason after my surgery I have been throwing more and more every year, even now close to 15 years later. I always keep Dr Ahmad updated on my baseball leagues and tournaments, as he loves hearing about my success. Over the years many teammates, friends, and family have been patients of Dr Ahmad. He is truly a class act.

In 2016 to 2019 I decided to start competing in tournaments again, throwing over 300 innings each season during that time. Most of the time I was also able to throw back to back days! However, sadly at the end of 2019 I tore the labrum in my non-throwing shoulder. Dr Ahmad did the surgery once again, in January of 2020. Dr Ahmad, Frank, and Fiona were great. They are the best team in the business.

In 2023 I threw 351 innings and picked up my 300th win since the Tommy John Surgery. I brought the signed game ball to Dr Ahmad as a gift. Baseball has been great to me and has been my gift in life. Meeting so many different teammates and great people. The friends you make over the years and the shared experiences on and off the baseball field have been some of the best days of my life. Travelling to tournaments and meeting/playing against ex-pros has been an unreal and unique journey, one which I have been lucky to have many times over.

Thanks to Dr Ahmad my baseball career did not end in 2008! Since my surgery in 2009 I have thrown over 3100 innings and have amassed 320 wins, with only 78 losses.