The Model Brothers – Anterior Cruciate Ligaments

At ages 14 & 15, Max and Cole saw Spikeball on Shark Tank and decided to play in their first tournament: USA Spikeball East Regionals. After a round-robin style pool play, Max and Cole received the 64th seed out of a 64-team bracket and got eliminated in the first round.

A year later, and after many hours of training in their basement, Max and Cole had cracked the top 25 world rankings, becoming the youngest ever ranked team. Now, in 2023, the pair has multiple achievements to show for their dedication to Spikeball, otherwise known as the sport of roundnet. The brothers are the youngest duo to ever qualify for a Spikeball elite sponsorship and to be ranked as a top 3 team in the world. Max played for Team USA at the first roundnet World Championship, and Cole was recently named to the first-ever All-American college roundnet team. Both brothers have made appearances on ESPN.

Max and Cole both also shared an injury while playing the sport: a torn ACL. Max tore his ACL in 2018, while Cole tore his in 2021Both brothers received fantastic medical treatment from Dr. Ahmad and his staff. Dr. Ahmad treats his patients like family, providing the best medical treatment and a great level of comfort. The brothers have made full recoveries and continue to tour around the country and the world, playing Spikeball at the highest level. Now, Max and Cole’s team, Hilltop, is sponsored by multiple companies and is always pushing to achieve the highest accomplishments in the sport of roundnet.