Alexandra – Softball – Elbow Arthroscopy

Alexandra – Softball – Elbow Arthroscopy

I’ve enjoyed playing sports my whole life. I have always dedicated most of my time to swimming and softball. I injured myself playing softball. During the game, I jammed my left arm against the base and while doing so I broke my radial head and was out for the rest of the season. When I was told my bones were all healed I thought I was good as new, and started to carry things with my left arm again, but every time I did, my arm would lock up and it would take time, and some playing with, for my elbow to unlock. Dr. Ahmad recommended surgery to fix my problem. He was very accommodating and understanding when I told him about swimming and he told me that as long as my elbow did not lock up while I swam, I could complete the season. On 11/25/09 I headed into the OR with hopes for the best. Thanks to Dr. Ahmad Team I didn’t start the season even one day late. I had a full recovery and have absolutely no problems with my elbow at all. Thanks to Dr. Ahmad I was able to still compete and play in my two favorite sports one last time in my senior year of high school. THANKS DR. AHMAD.

My mom first came upon Dr. Ahmad while researching for someone to take care of my shoulder injury four years ago. I knew other athletes who were not healing and constantly re-injuring themselves or going for multiple cortisone shots; meanwhile, Dr. Ahmad’s treatment was plain rest. I believe that when picking a doctor you must choose one that you have the utmost confidence in; because you have to know that the course of treatment prescribed will yield the best result.


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