Gregory Esposito – UCL Repair

Gregory Esposito – UCL Repair


Greg takes his first throws after UCL Repair surgery with Dr. Ahmad

In the beginning of my senior season of high school baseball, I was feeling confident and healthy. About a quarter way into the season, I started feeling forearm tightness and pain after pitching. After a very successful season pitching but increasing pain in my forearm and elbow, I met Dr. Ahmad and Frank Alexander at a Q&A at ProSwing baseball facility. I made an appointment with Dr. Ahmad and the subsequent MRI showed that my UCL was torn away from the bone. I underwent UCL Repair Surgery on July 27th, 2018.

After my surgery, I began my first year at Keene State College, a small division 3 school in New Hampshire. With the guidance and program given to me by Dr. Ahmad and his team, I was able to do my rehab with the athletic trainers at Keene. I was able to make great progress in my program and was cleared to play and pitch in April 2019. However, I still did not feel 100%, so I decided to take a medical hardship waiver that season.

For the following summer and season after, my elbow felt healthy, and I was back pitching at 100%. I was excited for a full season of college baseball my junior year but started to feel a slight tingling in my pinky finger. I decided to get another surgery to fix my nerve. This year, I had a great senior season and pitched at a very high level.

Dr. Ahmad and the rest of the team were amazing throughout. They were great with me when I went through my injury,  and also looked after my younger brother when he injured his elbow recently. I couldn’t be more grateful for Dr. Ahmad for giving me the chance to continue to play the game that I love.