David Boisvert – Tommy John Surgery

My name is David Boisvert. I am currently a junior right-handed pitcher at Duke University. My love and devotion for baseball started when I was three. From the times when I was not on the field playing tee-ball or hitting in the batting cage, I was walking around the house with a plastic bat, striking every piece of furniture I could manage to hit. I would spend hours watching Major League teams with my parents on TV, dreaming of having that opportunity when I was older.

As I grew, it was evident my life would continue to revolve around playing the game. From playing travel ball to high school and, eventually, having the opportunity to pitch at the collegiate level, I was obsessed with developing and doing everything I could to continue playing as long as possible. Although I played numerous positions in the field throughout my years, I was always happiest when I could pitch. Something about being able to control the tempo of the game was always a rewarding feeling for me as a player.

I initially started to feel elbow discomfort in the fall of my freshman year. It was the first time I had any irritation from baseball-related activity. I attempted to do everything I could to avoid the dreaded “Tommy John” surgery. For six months, I did intricate physical therapy to get my elbow to feel as secure as it had felt in the past. Through all the treatment and time spent in the training room, I continued to be apprehensive about the structural integrity of my ligament. After numerous appointments and return to throwing programs which proceeded to be unsuccessful, the future of my pitching career felt uncertain. I began to feel detached from the game I had always been so obsessed with as I continued to seek answers about what was best for the future of my playing career. I began to second-guess the severity of my injury and wondered if I would ever receive a diagnosis that I felt confident in hearing.

A college teammate referred me to Dr. Ahmad and his staff, which I could not be more grateful for. In my initial meeting with Dr. Ahmad, he was incredibly sympathetic and insightful toward the issues I had been experiencing. The physical tests and imaging examinations he provided were comprehensive, as he explained every little intricate part of my elbow. Although I had not received the news I had hoped for, Dr. Ahmad assured me he and his team of outstanding professionals would do a tremendous job with my surgery and have me back to playing the sport I love in no time.

Throughout my rehab process, Dr. Ahmad and his team were incredibly supportive and encouraging with the steps following surgery. His team formed an excellent relationship with my athletic medicine training staff and was always available for a text, phone call, or Facetime whenever I faced any questions or setbacks. Since the surgery, I have returned to pitching in games, feeling more confident in my pitch ability than before having the initial elbow discomfort. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Ahmad and his entire support staff for their diligent assistance and consistent outreach throughout my rehabilitation process.