Cassidy Corcione – ACL Reconstruction

From the age of 3 I have always dreamed of being on the United States Women’s National Team. At the end of April 2022, my dream had come true as I was invited to a UEFA tournament in Bieknige, Sweden. However three days before my trip, in a club season game, I unfortunately tore my ACL and meniscus. I was in complete shock that this happened due to timing, but deep down I knew if I couldn’t walk to the bench my dream of a lifetime was gone. I had little hope mentally of returning to the player I once was.
After seeing Dr. Ahmad and meeting Team Ahmad, and hearing the successes he had with other patients I became so much more hopeful in my recovery. Going into the surgery, I felt the comfort and support of Dr. Ahmad and his staff, and trusted him to take care of what I needed in order to heal in the best way. Dr. Ahmad spoke to me about how he wanted to do this procedure the right way despite how long it takes to return to play. Knowing that I would be sidelined for a very long time was difficult to accept, but now that I am almost 11 months post op and returning to play, I am extremely grateful I had the support system throughout this process. I recently committed to Clemson University to further my soccer career! I am the strongest and soon to be the fittest version of myself than I ever was before. Hopefully soon I will be given that chance once again to represent my country and play the game I love.