Tommy John Coach

What Exactly Is A Tommy John Coach?

This is a brand new concept of elevated care in the world of Baseball Sports Medicine. When you injure your UCL and require surgery with Team Ahmad, you will be assigned your own personal Tommy John Coach from the get go – Frank Alexander, MS, ATC.  Frank will guide you and coach you through the entire Tommy John journey from start to finish, providing a level of enhanced care and direct access not previously seen in the baseball world or in any other doctors office in the country.
Why Do I Need A Tommy John Coach?

Injuring or tearing your elbow UCL is a devastating injury that wreaks havoc on the athlete’s body and mind.  Nobody ever really thinks it will happen to them, until it does.  Young baseball players that receive the news that they need Tommy John Surgery and will have to miss a season, are typically devastated.  There are so many worries, and so many unanswered questions that run through the athletes mind as well as their families.  As a former baseball player and now a baseball sports medicine expert, Frank Alexander, MS, ATC has successfully guided thousands of athletes through Tommy John Surgery over the past 10 years.  Most importantly – Frank understands that everybody’s recovery journey and timeline is different.  He works closely with each individual athlete to provide a detailed and personalized road map to full recovery, addressing all of your questions and concerns every step of the way.

Why Should I Choose Team Ahmad?

It’s very simple.  You will not receive this level of care anywhere else.  Our elbow UCL patients are handled differently than in any other areas of the country. We are on top of our athletes from the moment they walk in the door until they are back on the field in a game.  You will receive better treatment, more touch points, more coaching, and a highly elevated level of care from day 1, through to day 365 and beyond.  Having a Tommy John Coach is just another prime example of why choosing Team Ahmad will be the best decision of your life and baseball career to this point.

The Athlete’s Mind – What Are The Psychological Components Of Tommy John Surgery?

The psychological effect of UCL injury on an athlete is so profound that we’re studying it. We have collected over 100 player’s thoughts and data on their injuries and we are finding that our athletes are exhibiting symptoms of PTSD in regard to their Tommy John injury.  As we mentioned above, the injury can be jarring both physically and mentally. In these situations, the ultimate role of the Tommy John Coach is to make sure that our athletes know that they’re not alone.

UCL injuries can make athletes feel incredibly isolated.  This has been compounded by the pandemic when we were all mandated to isolate for extensive periods of time. But injured athletes typically have friends, peers, and famous athletes that they look up to all going through the exact same thing at the same time.  They tend to find a lot of comfort knowing that other players are going through the same thing, and that so many other athletes have succeeded in their careers after having Tommy John Surgery with Team Ahmad.  

Having a Tommy John Coach is not only a major advantage when dealing with the physical aspects of Tommy John Surgery and recovery, but it is also an advantage when it comes to the psychological factors that are often overlooked in the world of baseball sports medicine.

Bottom Line

“Do I need surgery?”  “How many seasons will I miss?”  “Will I be able to hit my max velo ever again?”  “Will I get drafted?”  “Will I lose my scholarship?”  “Will I even get into college?”…
UCL injury and the prospect of Tommy John Surgery is scary for both the athlete and the athlete’s parents.  The unknowns, the short and long term effects on the body and career trajectory, the fact you have to miss an entire season, and the millions of questions that go through a young athlete’s mind when they receive the news “you’ve torn your UCL”.  The bottom line is — it’s incredibly difficult.  But being in the hands of Dr. Ahmad for surgery and being able to talk things through with your Tommy John Coach every step of the way is critical.  Having that resource at your fingertips is a distinct asset and advantage as you embark on this journey. The peace of mind is priceless, knowing you cannot and will not get this level of care anywhere else in the country.

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