Jillian – Gymnastics – Elbow Arthroscopy

Jillian – Gymnastics – Elbow Arthroscopy

I am a gymnast and almost three years ago my elbow locked and I couldn’t straighten it all the way. There was no accident that caused my injury, it just kind of happened out of the blue. I came to Dr. Ahmad and found out that I had three, rather large pieces of cartilage stuck in my elbow joint. I needed surgery to remove the pieces of cartilage in order to straighten my elbow and be able to use my arm for gymnastics again. The surgery went very well and a few months later I was back in the gym practicing. My elbow has felt perfectly normal ever since, even when doing a handstand.

I chose a Columbia sports medicine doctor because I was referred by one of my teammates. Everyone involved in my experience was very nice, respectful and helpful. I would recommend Dr. Ahmad to others because I felt that he did a great job and I had a pleasant experience with him and his staff throughout my time spent there. I would give others the advice to choose a doctor who they feel comfortable with and trust. Thanks to Dr. Ahmad, I am still doing gymnastics and have earned a full athletic scholarship!


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