Discussion on Elbow UCL Injuries

Discussion on Elbow UCL Injuries

Dr. Christopher S. AhmadDr. Ahmad hosts a round table discussion on elbow UCL injuries that has been posted on the Orthopedics Today web site.

In the introduction to the panel, Dr. Ahmad says, “It is a privilege to serve as moderator for this Orthopedics Today Round Table discussion on elbow ulnar collateral ligament injuries. During the past year, tremendous attention to elbow ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injuries has developed in response to the alarming number of well-recognized professional pitchers who have sustained UCL. In addition, it is now obvious that youth athletes are at disturbing risk for throwing-related injuries.”

“The goal of the discussion is to elicit expert opinion about the reasons for increased numbers of UCL injuries, elucidate the scope of the problem, understand prevention strategies, establish realistic expectations for nonoperative and operative treatment, and provide thoughts about the future.”

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